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There are lots of different insurance policies that cover an individual’s or medical bills, but affordable health and Dental Insurance is more specifically related to the health and costs associated with the mouth and teeth, which is usually separate from most hospital and medical care. Like most types of insurance policy, individual dental insurance requires regular premiums to be paid in to the policy and payout occurs when the holder reaches the “event” of needing dental work. Policies often cover emergency dental problems and pay for a portion of regular dental costs. Depending on the policy, there may be a deductable amount to reach so that minor work is not covered. Dental insurance plans can be individual, family or employee related.

In most modern countries full coverage dental insurance is very common and is put in place to prevent financial hardship related to unforeseen dental emergencies. Some countries offer a national state dental insurance type plan that may be offered to those that are on benefits or under certain hardships. In some cases like the UK National Health Service, those that meet a certain criteria or age can get dental care for free. However dental health insurance often falls under criticism because a lot of dental costs can be attributed to personal neglect, therefore putting unneeded strain on the system due to individual selfish reasons.

In the United States over 50% of the population has dental cover, with the majority of people getting as part of their employment to a business. It can often be seen as a perk and used as a hook to hiring important workers with other offers from elsewhere.

Not all dentists participate in dental plans, insurance or discounts (which means less pay, more work and more paperwork), choosing to remain a privately run businesses, and marketing themselves as high quality services for those hat can afford it.

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